We’ve made ordering canapés as easy as possible.

For new and prospective clients here’s an in-depth look at the process – everything from what types of event are best suited to canapés to extras and how we deliver. Let’s get stuck in.

Who orders canapés catering?

We’re mostly used to dealing with corporate events managers and PR agencies for big brands in London. Past clients have included Ted Baker and Nike. We also opened a Shoreditch HQ specifically for start-ups in tech. 

But while our niche client base tends to be London-based companies, word gets around. We regularly take orders from outside the corporate sector. Wedding planners, gallery owners, and other individuals order canapés for a range of events.

What kind of events do we cater for?

We’re used to formidable guest counts and canapés at scale. But part of what makes our job exciting is the variety of events we’re asked to cater. Corporate receptions, marketing events, and so on are just the tip of the iceberg (though it’s a tip we’re especially proud of). 

We also cater private weddings, book launches, office leaving dos, seasonal events (Christmas, Halloween, etc.), summer street parties… you name it. 

We’re always open to new requests and don’t like to box ourselves in. In fact, the more unusual the request the better.

Why Smith’s canapés catering? 

Our reputation is everything to us, and it’s based on three simple points

canapes receptions for large events


  • We’re a full-service canapés caterer. We offer not just your food but a complete canapés catering package — everything from the bar to butlers.


  • With canapés, timing is everything. Our 30+ years in the business ensure the preparation, delivery, and service of your canapés menu is pulled off with effortless elegance.


  • Our job is to make yours easy. That’s why you’re reading this guide. It’s also why you can order whatever you need from us entirely online.

What kind of canapés do we offer?

Hot, cold, meat, fish, veggie, gluten-free, world cuisine, or home-grown classics… We think of our canapés as a chance to show off not just our own creative ideas but the produce we source to create them.

Our mix ‘n’ match menus are all tried and tested – with options for any event. Keep in mind we’re more than happy to create bespoke menus just for you.

cold canapes

We offer three price tiers of cold canapé menus – Deluxe; Silver; and Gold.

hot canapes burgers

If you're ordering hot canapés, you'll need a kitchen area and a chef.

manapes smiths special menu

Exclusively to Smith's, manapés are heartier canapés.

Special menus


For when you want that something extra special... Best combined with Smith's wedding catering package.

halloween canapes for offices parties in London

Originally just for fun, our Halloween canapés went down well, so now they're an annual fixture.


Browse our savoury and dessert menus for this year's big festive blowout.

How do you order canapés catering?

Once you’ve picked your menu, ordering is simple. You can do it all online. There are just a few things to keep in mind.

1. The minimum order for canapé menus is £500 (excl. VAT).

2. If you don’t have an account with us, we’ll ask for a 50% deposit seven working days before the event. After this the balance will be payable within 30 days.

3. We’ll need your final order numbers by 12 noon two working days before the event.

Other things you might want to consider

The above three steps are pretty much it for basic canapé orders. However, depending on your event, you might want to consider the following:

Where do we deliver canapés catering?

We deliver to venues throughout South London, as well as Greater London, Surrey and Kent.

The delivery charge will be calculated by postcode and finalised three days before. On the day itself, our driver will keep you updated for your peace of mind. We won’t be late.

There’s also a collection charge, where applicable, to pick up any equipment.

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