canapes receptions for large events
I have been really delighted by their services . Matthew and Natalie were a great help, always smiling and polite . The food was very high quality . Probably the best catering company in London I have used so far, highly recommend.
Teodora Kuneva – Corporate canapes event, London.

Canape Menus 2024

Minimum Order 40 Guests per menu

 6 canapes per person

All of the menus can be ‘mixed and matched’ and priced accordingly, except for the Buckingham Palace menu

Dessert Canapé suggestions

Lemon cheesecake, dark & white chocolate shavings (V)
Milk, mascarpone, chocolate, lemon zest, caster sugar

Strawberry cheesecake dark & white chocolate shavings (V)
Wheat, Egg, Milk, strawberries, mascarpone, white chocolate, caster sugar

Mini Banoffee pie (V)
Wheat, Milk, Egg, caramel, banana, double cream, chocolate shavings 

Pear & almond tart 
Wheat, Milk, Egg, Nuts, caster sugar, ground almonds, 

Triple chocolate mousse chocolate pastry cup (V)
Wheat, Milk, Egg, Chocolate, 

Lemon Meringue pie
Wheat, Milk, Egg, lemon zest, lemon juice, corn flour, caster sugar

Coffee tiramisu (V)
Wheat, Milk, Egg, espresso coffee, sponge finger, mascarpone cheese, coco power 

Chocolate orange with white chocolate shavings (V)
Milk, chocolate, orange zest, orange juice, icing sugar

Coconut cheesecake meringue
Wheat, Milk, Egg, caster sugar, coconut, cream cheese

Assorted macaroons – lemon, raspberry, vanilla, chocolate, coffee & pistachio (V)
Egg, Nut, lemon, vanilla, raspberry, caster sugar, chocolate, coffee, pistachio, ground almond

Banana & strawberry bagatelle (V)
Wheat, Milk, Egg, Banana, Strawberries, cream cheese

Salted caramel cheesecake (V)
Wheat, Milk, Egg, caramel, Maldon salt, mascarpone, chocolate

Lime coconut meringue
Wheat, Milk, Egg, Lime zest, lime juice, coconut, caster sugar

£1.95 pp plus VAT

Covent Garden Menu

Loch Fyne Scottish smoked salmon tartar, shallots & capers, lemon zest creme fraiche on blinis
Fish, Milk, Egg, Wheat, onion, capers, lemon zest, parsley, pepper

Chilli ginger Skewered fresh prawns with fresh dill (GF DF)
Shellfish, soy, chilli, ginger. Dill, parsley, lemon, pepper, garlic

Buffalo mozzarella, artichoke & Sun blushed tomato on savoury Rosemary olive cup (V)
Wheat, Milk, Egg, artichoke, tomato, olive, rosemary

Blue Monday cheese with apricot white wine chutney (V)
Wheat, Milk, Egg, apricot, white wine, sugar

Char-grilled Chicken mousse, roasted red pepper crispy shallots in shortbread tartlet
Wheat, Milk, Egg, garlic, chicken, mixed herbs, pepper, shallots

Hoi sin Aromatic Pecking duck, pickled ginger & spring onion diced carrot on cucumber (GF DF)
Soy, garlic, onion, duck, ginger, mixed spice, carrots, cucumber

£11.25 for 6 pieces pp plus VAT 

Brick Lane Menu

Free- Range tandoori chicken on mini naan with mango coriander salsa
Wheat, Milk, Soy, Chicken, coriander, mango, tomato, chilli, garam masala,

Spiced lamb sheikh kebab with mint raithia
Milk, Lamb, Chilli, ginger, mint, coriander, garlic

Chilli coconut chicken korma with puffed rice
Wheat, Egg, Milk, Chicken, rice, chilli, ginger, coconut milk

Skewered King prawn tikka masala lollypop
Shellfish, Wheat, prawn, chilli, ginger, coconut, garam masala, turmeric

Bollywood vegetable Coriander paneer tartelette
Wheat Milk, Egg, squash, peppers, onion, garlic, coriander

Pasanda garlic butternut squash with Split pea dhal
Wheat, Milk, Egg, turmeric, garam masala, cumin, cinnamon, garlic, cardamom, cloves

£11.50 for 6 pieces pp plus VAT

China Town Menu

Sweet & Sour free-range Chicken
Wheat, Milk, Egg, Soy, chicken, peppers, sugar, vinegar, corn flour, tamarind, star anis

Sticky Szechuan pepper chicken fillet lollypop
Wheat, Milk, Egg, Chilli, peppers, soy, vinegar, garlic, ginger

Teriyaki salmon fillet with toasted sesame seeds
Wheat, Milk, Egg, Fish, Sesame, Soy, salmon fillet, sugar, vinegar, garlic, ginger

Hoi sin aromatic duck chilli ginger cucumber
Wheat, Milk, Egg, Soy, Duck, carrot, spring onion, garlic, ginger chilli, cucumber

Black bean Butternut squash & smoked edamame beans
Wheat, Milk, Egg, Celery, Black beans, butternut squash, edamame bean

Kung pao vegetables with prawn cracker shard
Wheat, Milk, Egg, Shellfish, Chilli, peppers, soy, vinegar, garlic, ginger, onion

£12.50 for 6 pieces pp plus VAT

The Shard Menu

Seared Blue fin tuna, roasted pepper on Spiced parmesan risotto cake (GF)
Fish, Milk, Celery, risotto rice, chilli paprika, turmeric, parmesan

Katsu curry chicken mousse with spicy curry onions tartelette
Wheat, Milk, Egg, garam masala, chilli, ginger, garlic, chicken, onion

Blue Cromer crab with loch fyne smoked salmon tartar avocado torte blini
Wheat, Milk, Egg, Shellfish, Fish, crab, salmon, capers, onion, lemon zest, parsley, avocado

Rare Angus fillet beef wasabi remoulade parmesan sesame crumble on tomato mini round
Wheat, milk, Egg, Sesame, beef, wasabi, tomato, cabbage, carrot

Sticky pulled pork sliders and spring onion in a mini brioche.
Wheat, Milk, Egg, Soy, pork, sugar, vinegar, garlic, ginger, spring onion

Bocconcini buffalo mozzarella on Tomato pesto (V GF)
Milk, egg, mozzarella, tomato

£13.75 for 6 pieces plus VAT

Buckingham Palace Menu

Smoked Duck liver orange parfait on brioche with orange jelly
Wheat, milk, Egg, Celery, Soy, duck liver, cream, orange, salt, pepper

Teriyaki shredded beef brisket red cabbage marmalade
Wheat, Milk, soy, Egg, Mustard, beef, sugar, vinegar, garlic, ginger

Medallion of lobster with asparagus & truffle oil
Wheat, Milk, Egg, Shellfish, lobster, asparagus, truffle, oil

Loch fyne Scottish Smoked salmon Beetroot carpaccio with caviar
Wheat, Milk, Egg, Fish, salmon, beetroot, caviar

Bocconcini Buffalo mozzarella, artichoke & semi-dried tomato on savoury tartelette (V)
Wheat, Milk, Egg, mozzarella, tomato, artichoke

Butternut squash, red pepper & aubergine Tricolore (V DF GF)
Egg, Soy, butternut squash, pepper, aubergine, garlic, paprika, chilli

£15.95 for 6 pieces plus VAT

The Sky Garden -Vegetarian menu

Goat’s cheese, spinach puree, and semi-dried tomato shortbread disk (V)
Wheat, Milk, Egg, goats’ cheese, tomato, spinach

Char-grilled Leek and Gruyere tartlet (V)
Wheat, Milk, Egg, leeks, gruyere cheese,

Blue Monday cheese with red onion marmalade (V)
Wheat, Milk, Egg, blue cheese, onion, sugar, garlic

Butternut squash, red pepper, and aubergine Tricolore (V)
Wheat, Milk, Egg, butternut squash, peppers, aubergine

Buffalo mozzarella, artichoke, and semi-dried tomato on parmesan twist (V)
Wheat, Milk, Egg, mozzarella, artichoke, tomato, parmesan

Smoked beetroot cream cheese, asparagus, and olive in beetroot cup (V)
Wheat, Milk, Egg, Soy, beetroot, cream cheese, asparagus, olive

£12.00 for 6 pieces pp plus VAT

The Gherkin – Vegan menu

Baby bell Pepper with garlic humus and crispy shallots (V DF GF)
Sesame, peppers, garlic, lemon, chickpea, olive oil

Butternut squash, red pepper and aubergine buba ganoush Tricolore (V)
Wheat, butternut squash, aubergine, garlic, salt, pepper

Thai Vegetable tartlet (V)
Wheat, peppers, courgette, onion, garlic

Greek Stuffed vine leaves (V DF GF)
Soy, vine leave, rice, mint, vinegar

Wild mushroom arancini (V DF GF)
Celery, onion, risotto rice, wild mushroom, garlic, gluten-free breadcrumbs, free from parmesan

Spinach Artichoke and roasted red pepper tartlet (V DF)
Wheat, Celery, spinach, peppers, onion, garlic

£12.00 for 6 pieces plus VAT

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    Smith’s have been working with PR and event production agencies for many years to cater for large events in London

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    How much does canapes catering cost?

    Smith’s canapés menus vary widely in requirements and therefore cost. Delivery, equipment hire for hot canapés or corporate event canapés (incl. service equipment, cocktail/drinks tables, glassware, linens, marquees, etc.), staff, and other extras are quoted by event.

    50% deposit (for non account clients) 7 working days before the event and balance payable within 30 days is required.
    Check our dedicated menu pages for specific menus:


    What is the minimum order for canapés catering?

    The minimum order for cold canapés menus is £500.00 excluding VAT and you can choose any six canapes for each menu. Alternative menus, such as vegan and vegetarian canapes are included.

    Final order numbers by 12noon, 2 working days prior to the event and cannot be lowered after this time is required.
    When booking, please bear in mind that Christmas is our busiest times for Cocktail and cold canapés and dates often get sold out in an early October, so early booking is advisable to avoid disappointment.


    How many canapés will I need per person?

    For Fish and Meat canapes, we usually recommend 6 canapes per person. Including GF and DF. For veggie and vegan canapés, we suggest a minimum of 6 canapes per person.


    Where do you source your meat?

    We only work with suppliers who share our high standards for produce. These include:
    • Master sausage maker Jean Paul at Franconian, who’ll custom-make any sausage you want
    • Award-winning butchers Godfrey’s for 100% Aberdeen Angus burgers
    • Billingsgate fish market
    • HFA-certified suppliers for halal meats as required


    What alternatives do you offer for special dietary preferences / requirements?

    We provide a wide range of vegan and vegetarian canapés. We can also have gluten- or dairy-free canapes, and meet religious requirements. Please see our classic canpes menus for more detail.
    None of our menus are “set” and we are happy to create bespoke menus to suit a themed event. Last season, our chefs created a Christmas Cocktail canapés inspired by Classic English Christmas menus.


    Can Smith’s provide canapés delivery only?

    Yes. We can deliver all type of canapés, including hot canapés. Canapés will arrive ready to be served or if you prefer platters are also available for an extra fee.


    Where do you deliver in London?

    We deliver to venues in South London (including South West and East) and Greater London.
    Delivery charge is calculated by postcode and finalised at 12 noon 3 working days prior to your event. It cannot be lowered after this time but if your requirements change may be raised accordingly.
    There is also a collection charge, calculated by postcode, for pick-up of any equipment.


    Do you provide canapes outside London?

    Yes! We’ve opened a new creative “kitchen laboratory” off the M25 to serve venues in Surrey and Kent.


    Do you provide staff and equipment?

    Yes! On request, we’ll provide all your service and bar staff, as well as kitchen and serving equipment for hot canapes. This includes cocktail tables, bar tables, linens, etc.
    Hot canapes catering requires a chef, waiting staff, and oven as standard.


    What about drinks?

    We can provide all types of drinks, including free glass hire. All drinks are supplied sale-or-return and wine rates.