7 picnic catering ideas

7 Picnic Catering Ideas for Getting Outside in the Sun

Vitamin D is essential for immunity and the sun is our primary source. If, however, you don’t have a garden, you’ll have to take a trip to the park. And obviously there’s a risk of infection. But you know what makes for a good social distancing buffer? A sizeable picnic blanket. And to help you fill it, here are seven home-made picnic staples from the UK, America, and Europe—all easy to make at home.

Great British Picnic: Scotch Egg

Few things say “Great British Picnic” like classic, homemade Scotch eggs. A Fortnum & Mason’s picnic hamper staple since 1738, they remain a firm favourite today. And they’re pretty easy to make.

First take some top quality sausage meat and season with fresh herbs, salt, and pepper. English garden herbs (parsely, sage, rosemary, and thyme) are a good choice here. Next put some eggs on to hard-boil while you combine some breadcrumbs and beaten egg in a bowl. And fill another small bowl with plain flour. Cool and peel your boiled eggs and carefully surround with the sausage; then fry until gold and crispy.  

Veggie Family Hamper: Mushroom “sausage” rolls

Sausage rolls are another picnic staple and a particular favourite among kids. But as more and more families eat less and less meat, here’s a veggie alternative: mushrooms! 

And there’s an added benefit too: Mushrooms (like eggs) are a source of vitamin D. So they can help you top up on a less-than-sunny day out.

Completing the mushroom “sausage” mix are lentils, cannellini beans, and nutritional yeast, among other ingredients. And if you want them entirely plant-based, look for some vegan puff pastry.

American Feast: Homemade root beer

Shop-bought root beer is often too sweet and tends to lack the kick of the real stuff. This recipe isn’t just easy; it’s the tastiest we’ve ever tried. Made with fresh root ginger, it’s also medicinal in various ways, e.g. anti-inflammatory and even anti-viral.

First, grate some ginger into a bowl and add some muscovado sugar. Mash together with the rind of two lemons, then add their juice and some soda water before leaving to stand for 10 minutes. Finally, pass through a sieve before decanting into bottles for your hamper.

French Pique-nique: Salad Niçoise

A good Niçoise salad is great on a picnic. After all, what’s not to like? The basic recipe calls for eggs, tuna (and/or anchovies), olives, tomatoes, and olive oil. But you can vary it to your own tasteYou might also be inspired by our selection of box deliveries, ideal for picnics, buffet parties, and office lunches. 

Italian Scampagnata: Panino con la frittata

Filling a hamper with a portable feast and heading out to the country (Campagna) is as much a part of Italian life as the picnic is of the British. And, believe it or not, egg sandwiches are as much of a staple. Not just any old egg sandwiches, though; for these you’ll need to make a frittata. 

Add whatever you like to the egg-and-potato base or use asparagus and artichokes for an authentic Italian taste. Once cooled, sandwich between two thick slices of crusty ciabatta with lettuce and ripe tomatoes. 

Spanish Cosa Tirada: Turrón

Spanish almond candy (aka turrón) is as portable as it is delicious. It’s also packed with nutty protein. Fancy trying your hand at this traditional Spanish confection? Find the recipe here.

What are your favourite picnic foods?

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