Smiths catering recipes

Another week of lockdown, another week of Smiths catering recipes

And this time it’s all about Spring. That means plenty of fresh, seasonal produce and lots of lively flavours. It’s also a time to get creative and a little more adventurous too. 

Let’s get started.

Monday: British springtime

  • Starter: Crispy eggs with shallots, chorizo, and lovage

Nothing says springtime like eggs. And they’re packed full of nutrients too–especially duck eggs. This recipe is one of our favourites. Not only is it simple to make, it’s bursting with richness and flavour.

  • Main: Halibut, morels, and Jersey Royals

We all know fish is great for our health–but you don’t want to cook it too much. That’s why, in this recipe, we cook the halibut last. First, we make a rich foamy sauce of morels and wild garlic, evoking ancient woodland in spring.

  • Dessert: Rhubarb fool

A classic British pudding of seasonal rhubarb, vanilla cream, and delicate, homemade sponge biscuits.

Tuesday: India pre-monsoon

  • Main: Coconut red lentil dhal with eggs or tofu and bread

Comfort food that doesn’t leave you bloated? This dish fits the bill. And with coconut and citrus flavours, it feels like springtime in India. Meanwhile boiled eggs or tofu keep this dish light and satisfying.

If you feel like something heavier, though, try adding some dry, tikka-roasted cauliflower.

  • Dessert: Macerated strawberries and citrus juice with vanilla ice cream

The citrus adds flavour and brings out the best of the strawberries, while the ice cream (dairy or plant-based) softens some of the sharpness.

Wednesday: Spring barbecue

  • Canapés: Balsamic tomato and pesto

The aromas of BBQ cooking tend to fire up the fiercest of appetites. So it’s usually a good idea to have something to eat while you wait. These classic al fresco canapés combine cherry tomatoes cooked in balsamic vinegar with pesto on puff pastry bases.

  • Main: BBQ!

You know what you like. But check out our menus for ideas: chicken, burgers, mushrooms, spring veg, fish…

You don’t need a garden or patio. Instead, you might want to invest in a no-fuss indoor barbecue. Or you can just use a grill pan.

Thursday: Irish lamb

  • Main: Herby lamb cutlets

Lamb is another symbol of spring, especially in Ireland. Served with new potatoes, the trick here is the simple herby marinade: olive oil, garlic, basil, salt, and pepper. It’s flavoursome yet light enough not to overpower the meat.

  • Dessert: Guinness and Baileys cookies

It might seem clichéd to use Irish booze in an Irish-themed dessert. But these Guinness chocolate cookies with a sweet Baileys frosting are pretty new to us.

Friday: Seafood Friday (even for vegans!)

  • Starter: Bruschetta

A classic baby tomato, basil, and olive oil bruschetta pairs well with virtually any main.

  • Main: Salmon and Jersey Royals

And, since it’s Friday, let’s make today’s main a bit of seafood. Salmon–easy to bake with lemon and dill–is only our suggestion for meat-eaters. For vegetarians and vegans, kelp cooked in garlic is a tasty, nutritious alternative high in omega-3.

Saturday: Treat yourself!

  • Main: Fish and chips?

Why not take the Saturday off and order a takeaway of your choice? We’re especially fond of Sutton and Sons for their creatively vegan fish and chips.

  • Dessert: Strawberries and cream

Another classic British treat, this one’s quick, easy, and delicious.

Sunday: Over to you

How’s your home cooking coming along? Any creative suggestions of your own? Let us know!

Food is a great way to bring us together, Smiths Catering recipes is a great way to be inspired, so let’s get sharing ideas.