sandwich ideas

It’s Week 7 of lockdown and don’t we know it? The novelty has now worn off. But with the end now in sight, celebrations are on the horizon.

In the meantime, here’s another week of recipes to help you keep healthy at home. Since we did breakfast last time, this week it’s lunch. Specifically? Sandwich!

Enjoy your Sandwich

Monday: Classic BLT (on English muffin)

First up it’s that all-time classic, the indomitable BLT sandwich. As with most food icons, there’s not much you can change here without making something else. So the only unusual thing about our version is the use of an English muffin.

Otherwise, it’s all about sourcing the very best B, L, and T you can find: thick-cut smoked bacon; ripe tomatoes; and crisp, curly lettuce. Oh, and don’t forget the mayo—we’ll use this instead of butter for the base and, for the top of the muffin, just slather on fat from the bacon.

Tuesday: All-day breakfast muffin

Here’s another use for those muffins: toasted with scrambled eggs and bacon (ideally smoked and streaky).

Eggs are packed with nutrition, including high-quality protein for boosting immune cells. So we don’t want to overcook them. Just melt a little butter in a pan, break in the eggs, and stir until cooked within seconds. Heap onto half a toasted English muffin (no need for butter) and top with the bacon rashers and muffin top.

Wednesday: Turkey deli wrap

Another popular twist on standard sandwich ideas —especially in our kitchens—is, of course, the wrap. Unbeatably versatile, flour tortillas are a base for just about anything.

In this case, we’re suggesting a filling of turkey and cheese. Turkey is a great source of protein, as well as B vitamins for energy and selenium for immunity. It’s also low in saturated fat, for meat. Combine with a light hard cheese for a classic deli pairing and throw in some lettuce for crunch.

Thursday: Eggs Benedict

Got a couple of muffins left? Perfect. This is what they were made for (in our opinion anyway). Eggs Benedict is THE classic open sandwich—and a sophisticated treat really any time of day. But you know what? It’s actually pretty easy to make.

The trick to poached eggs is to add vinegar to the water and break them near the edge of the pan. Lower the heat immediately to medium-low and cook until the whites are just set but the yolks are still runny. Then remove with a slotted spoon and (crucially) allow to drain on a warm plate with a clean towel. Serve on toasted English muffin with bacon and hollandaise sauce.

You can find a recipe for the hollandaise here. Learn it well; we’ll be making some more tomorrow.

Friday: Eggs Royale

The idea of this blog is to broaden your cooking horizons—even while your actual physical horizons have closed in (temporarily). So let’s repeat yesterday’s egg-poaching and hollandaise workshop. If your eggs came apart, it may be your eggs weren’t too fresh. Or if even the yolk held together when cut, you likely cooked them too long.

And with the hollandaise, it’s a common mistake to use butter that’s still too hot. Let it cool a little before adding to your egg yolk emulsion.

When you’ve got them both right, serve up with smoked salmon for a lunch of Eggs Royale.

Saturday: Croque monsieur

Croque monsieur we’ve featured before. With Dijon mustard and bechamel sauce, it’s a quintessentially French Welsh rarebit with the additional key ingredient of ham.

But if you want a vegan version of this decidedly un-vegan lunch, replace the ham with fried shiitakes and use a plant-based bechamel sauce.

Sunday: Green vegan burger with avocado, roast yellow pepper, and pickled red cabbage

To finish off your week of sandwich ideas (and stretched variations thereof), here’s a fresh and colourful treat that’s suitable for vegans as well. Or should we say, suitable for omnivores as well?

This proudly plant-based sandwich is packed full of bold, uncompromising flavours. The green vegan burger combines peas and sweetcorn, cannellini beans, onion, and fresh green herbs. And, ideally, it’s served on a spinach-green burger bun.

Invented any sandwich ideas of your own during a lockdown?

Let us know! We’re also interested in hearing variations on those above. Until next week! Take care.