Vegan Catering

Inspired by plant-based cuisines around the world, our vegan catering menu can meet any London catering needs.
Choose from a varied selection of vegan canapes or opt for a salad bar spread. Or really give your guests something to talk about with an eye-catching crudité “allotment”. With this colourful assortment of fresh seasonal produce and dips, your guests can pick their own from the “ground”.
Using top-quality vegetables, seeds, grains, beans, and specialist vegan ingredients, this menu is all about novelty, creativity, and fun. Of course, it’s also about nutritional balance. And it’s constantly evolving too! Like our corporate catering clients, we’re always on the lookout for new trends in catering—so stay tuned as we add to this page.

Vegan canapes

(Finger food style)

Baby bell Pepper with garlic hummus and crispy shallots
Butternut squash, red pepper and aubergine baba ganoush Tricolore
Thai Vegetable tartlet
Greek Stuffed vine leaves
Wild mushroom arancini
Spinach Artichoke and roasted red pepper tartlet
Napa cabbage kimchi with crushed peppers
Crushed avocado with tomato chilli salsa
Assorted sushi, makizushi vegetable rolls
Wild mushroom duxelles, shitake, oyster, pier blur, chanterelle, tartelette
Pickled seaweed with sesame oil
Beetroot & sweet potato falafels with sun-blushed humous dipping sauce

Vegan salads bar

Roasted cauliflower shallots, garlic chilli flakes, cumin, cinnamon, pine nuts, yoghurt and lemon wedges

Cavallo Nero, crispy kale & vegan pesto cashew nut spaghetti Salad

Beetroot Quinoa with crushed avocado, blood orange segments with chia seeds topped off with buckwheat sprouting

Fresh pea pod & bean salad
(fresh garden peas, broad beans, Edamame beans, pomegranate seeds spinach, sesame seaweed)

Spiced melon salad, cantaloupe melon, heritage tomatoes, chilli’s flakes with Wild rocket & watercress

Quinoa fruit salad strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, black & white grapes with fresh mint

Citrus beets & sprouted buckwheat
(assorted pickled dicones Red, golden, white, beetroots)

Char-grilled turmeric cauliflower with mango tomato chilli salsa with chipotle dressing

Smashed avocado, lime, pink grapefruit segments, beetroot mayonnaise dressing with toasted sesame seeds

Allotment garden Crudité

Assorted red, yellow, orange, green peppers, breakfast radishes, heritage carrots,
asparagus, celery flowers, Golden cherry tomatoes, baby leeks, mini turnips, char-grilled courgettes, butternut squash batons, with Vegan beetroot dip, humous, crushed avocado with olive seed flax soil.