Fork Buffet dessert catering

Patisserie and dessert catering

All of our cakes etc. are supplied by one of the finest patisseries selling exclusively to London caterers.
Everything is made to order overnight and delivered to us early morning so orders must be received by 12:00 noon the previous day.
Apart from the list below, given sufficient notice, we can supply any specific requirements, such as customised birthday cakes or cupcakes with your logo or photographic image applied price on application.
The afternoon tea fancies are used on our Afternoon tea caterers menu but can be supplied as a dessert for any buffet. With over 30 years experience as a leading Catering companies London, we can guarantee the quality, having used the same supplier since the day we started business. fork buffet

Petits fours

(minimum order 30 pieces)

£1.00 pp plus vat


(Minimum order 20 pieces)
Vanilla, raspberry, coffee, chocolate, pistachio and lemon

£1.20 pp plus vat

Fresh tropical fruit kebabs

Melon, pineapple & strawberries

£1.75 pp plus vat

Reception pastries

(minimum order 20)
Miniature version of the Tea Fancies below

£2.20 pp plus vat

Hand made afternoon tea fancies

(minimum order 20)
The range changes daily but this is a typical selection:
Passion fruit roulade
Banana and chocolate brownie
Orange and praline roulade
Raspberry and pistachio harlem
Chocolate hazelnut cake
Orange chiboust tartlets
Raspberry slice
Prune tartlets
Lemon and lime slice
Ginger and orange roulade

£3.20 pp plus vat

Cut Cheesecakes

Fruits of the forest
Strawberry, blackcurrant and others

£4.00 pp plus vat

Individual fruit tarts

Tart au citron
French apple tart
Bitter chocolate tart
Orange tart: Short paste tart, crème pâtissière and sliced oranges
Fresh fruit tart: Sablé paste tart, pastry cream, strawberries, kiwis, apricots and black grapes
Apricot tart: Sweet paste, pastry cream and apricots
Pear and almond frangipane tart, mango coulis
Summer pudding (seasonal)

£5.00 pp plus vat

Speciality individual tarts

(minimum 50)
Passion fruit Charlotte
Biscuit à la cuillere sponge fingers, passion fruit mousse and passion liqueur
Blackcurrant and chocolate Charlotte
Apple and pear Charlotte, vanilla cream
White and dark chocolate Charlotte

£5.00 pp plus vat

Individual mousses

Chocolate indulgent:
Chocolate and apricot génoise sponge, Chocolate mousse and orange liqueur
Acapulco chocolate and mandarin mousse on génoise sponge with Cointreau
Coffee mousse and profiteroles filled with rum cream
Clair Fontaine
Orange mousse with sliced orange garnish
Mango coulis
Chocolate truffle with raspberry coulis
Vanilla panacotta with fresh raspberries
Lemon soufflé
Cassis (blackcurrant)
Seville (orange)
Rhubarb and ginger rice
Chocolate mogador with fresh raspberry centre
Passion fruit and white chocolate delice

£5.00 pp plus vat

Cheese cakes

Individual Cheese Cakes
Double chocolate brownie

£5.00 pp plus vat

Strawberry with mascarpone

£7.00 pp plus vat

Whole tarts

Baked chocolate
Mixed fresh fruit
Serves: 10 or 12

£25.00 pp plus vat


White Chocolate
layers of vanilla and génoise sponge, vanilla syrup and white chocolate cream, decorated with white chocolate.
Bagatelle of Strawberries and Banana
vanilla génoise sponge, orange liqueur, chantilly cream, strawberries and bananas
Passion fruit and white Chocolate Delice
white chocolate truffle, filled with passion fruit cream, decorated with chocolate and passion fruit jelly.
Black Forest
layers of chocolate génoise sponge with kirsch syrup, cream, cherries
Mazarin with Walnuts
layers of chocolate génoise sponge, rum syrup, walnut cream and ganache.
Chocolate Gateaux
orange, Cinnamon and ginger truffle
Sherry trifle
Sacher torte
Truffe au chocolat
Mogador aux framboises
Craquelin au citron
Chocolat gateau
Mille feuille
Serves: 10 or 12

£35.00 pp plus vat

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