Street food Catering

Some things are meant to be eaten sloppily off a piece of parchment paper. To put said things on a plate, or, god forbid, use silverware, would be blasphemy. Case in point: grilled lamb patties stuffed into a pita and doused with creamy, yoghurt sauce. It’s the dreamiest street food, best enjoyed after a night of drinking.

Street food menu catering

Hot dogs. Beechwood Smoked Bockwurst & brioche dog rolls
French’s American Mustard, ketchup & kickin’ onions
Hickory smoked Pulled pork sliders with Smith’s ‘slaw & brioche subs
Feijoada. Brazilian pulled pork Sliders Smith’s ‘slaw & brioche subs
Spiced Lamb köfte with pistachios spicy salad tortilla wrap
Jerk Chicken thighs & kicking onions & dirty rice Burrito
Chicken marinated in chili and garlic served with fragrant rice
Smith’s Angus burger with caramelized red onions marmalade sesame seed Brioche burger buns
Sweet & sour Baby back ribs,
Pulled piri piri chicken Smith’s ‘Salsa verde & Lebanese Flat bread
Pulled Cajun chicken Smith’s ‘slaw & brioche subs
Pulled Blackened Chicken Mango salsa in a Burrito
Chicken Souvlaki Pitas with Tzatziki
Lamb Souvlaki Pitas with Chick pea Tahini sauce
Wood smoked beef & pork jumbo chilli dog in grilled Panini,
Spicy Moroccan minced lamb in sesame & nigella seed Panini
Lebanese chicken & tomato chick pea salsa in garlic & coriander flatbreads
Spanish spicy chorizo, piri piri mayo & rocket in olive Ciabatta
Indian beef Keema with chick pea & coriander dhal in Nan

Street Vegetarian Menu

Spicy Moroccan minced Quorn in sesame & nigella seed Panini
Indian vegetable Keema with chick pea & coriander dhal in Nan
Roasted vegetable burritos with peppers, onion, tomato, cheese & chilli
Lebanese veg & tomato chick pea salsa in garlic & coriander flatbreads
Garlic rosemary Char-grilled halloumi roasted pepper salsa wrap

Dessert suggestions

Bite size Cinnamon doughnuts
Champagne fruit jellies
Banoffee pie
Mini Baileys cream brûlée
Strawberry cheesecake
Triple chocolate mousse chocolate straw
Cappuccino truffle mousse
White chocolate mousse with popping candy
Raspberry Vanilla panna cotta

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