Hot fork buffets

Hot fork buffets are the most popular choice for companies and families requiring hot meals delivery. Whether for staff lunches or private dinners for a minimum order of £500.00 excluding VAT, they provide the perfect solution.

All hot fork buffets menus are prepared to order daily in our East London kitchens. Meals are delivered in special, insulated containers keeping the food above 72c for up to 6 hours. We supply the chaffing dishes for you to transfer the meals into and serve from.
All meals include dessert: New York cheesecake or fresh fruit kebab.

Coq au vin (skinless and boneless)

Free-range chicken, plain flour, olive oil, sea salt and black pepper
red wine, celery sticks, baby onions, bouquet garni, smoked streaky bacon, button mushrooms, trimmed flat-leaf parsley.

£15.00 pp plus VAT

Boeuf bourguignon

Stewing beef, red wine, chicken stock, carrot, celery, onion, garlic cloves
bouquet garni, bay leaves, sprigs of thyme, sea salt, ground black pepper, vegetable oil, plain flour

£17.00 pp plus VAT

Wild mushroom Beef Stroganoff – Veg/Vegan option available

Olive oil, onion, garlic, butter, mushrooms, plain flour, fillet steak,crème fraiche, English mustard, beef stock, chopped parsley

£17.00 pp plus VAT

Luxury fish pie

Butter, Banana shallots, fennel, leeks, button mushrooms, plain flour, whole milk, double cream, flatleaf parsley, lemon, juiced, sea salt, black pepper, Smoked haddock, salmon fillet, Scallops, King prawns, Parmentier potatoes, butter, salt, white pepper.

£15.00 pp plus VAT

Lasagne - Veg/Vegan option available

Olive oil, beef mince, prosciutto, tomato sauce, beef stock, nutmeg, fresh lasagne sheets, white sauce, mozzarella, Mature cheddar

£13.00 pp plus VAT

Lamb Moussaka – Veg/Vegan option available

Olive oil  aubergines, lamb mince, onion, Garlic, dried oregano,  cinnamon, bay leaves, red wine,  chopped tomatoes, tomato purée, light brown soft sugar,  Maris piper potatoes,  unsalted butter,  plain flour, whole milk,  parmesan cheese, nutmeg,  egg yolk

£15.00 pp plus VAT

Cumberland pork sausage & Mustard mash with Onion gravy

Cumberland sausage, Potatoes, Onions, Beef stock, thyme, garlic, wholegrain
Mustard, butter, Sea salt, white pepper, flour, Whole milk, parsley

£13.00 pp plus VAT

Chunky Chilli Con Carne - Veg/vegan option available

Diced beef, Beef stock, Garlic, onions, chopped tomatoes, tomato puree, mixed herbs, chilli powder, fresh chilli’s, ginger,  ground cumin, ground coriander, plain flour red wine, red kidney beans, caster sugar, oregano, bay leaf, flaked sea salt, ground black pepper

£15.00 pp plus VAT

Mediterranean free-range chicken

Free range chicken, chicken stock, olive oil, onions, carrots, oregano, herbs de province, tomatoes, tomato puree, red wine, mixed peppers, garlic, kalamata olives, sea salt, black pepper

£ 13.00 pp plus VAT

Salmon fillet pasta bake

Scottish salmon fillet, flour, butter, whole milk, crème fraiche, cheddar cheese, dill, pappardelle pasta, flake sea salt, pepper, parmesan cheese, leeks, sun blushed tomatoes, flat leaf parsley

£13.00 pp plus VAT

Free range Lemon chicken

Free range chicken, butter, garlic, onion, leeks, chicken stock, white wine, double cream, lemon, rosemary, whole lemons

£13.00 pp plus VAT

Free-range corn-fed chicken ramen

Free-range corn-fed chicken breasts, butter, sesame oil, ginger, garlic, soy sauce, mirin, chicken stock, dried shitake mushrooms, sea salt, large eggs, spring onions, sliced, ramen noodles, fresh jalapeño, sesame oil, toasted sesame seed, fresh coriander 

£13.00 pp plus VAT

Confit duck donburi

Duck leg, carrots, mangetout, spring onions, red chillies, teriyaki sauce, sweet potato, egg fried rice, watercress, bean sprouts, sesame oil, toasted sesame seeds 

£15.00 pp plus VAT

King prawn raisukaree

Coconut milk, mangetout, red peppers, spring onions, coriander, fresh chilli, sesame seeds, fresh lime, Onions, garlic, turmeric, fenugreek, fennel seeds, chopped tomatoes, cumin, Garamasala

£15.00 pp plus VAT

Mince beef tikka meta

Aberdeen angus mince beef, Garamasala, onions, Chilli, ginger, cumin, chopped tomatoes, tomato puree, turmeric, garlic, coriander, fennel, curry leaves 

£14.00 pp plus VAT

Hunter’s chicken

Free range chicken fillet, smoked bacon, red wine vinegar, smoked BBQ sauce, Worcester sauce, mozzarella, chopped tomatoes, garlic, smoked paprika, chopped parsley 

£14.00 pp plus VAT

Sweet & sour free- range chicken

Free range chicken fillet, Onions, assorted peppers, garlic, ginger, rice vinegar, brown sugar, soy sauce tomatoes, tomato puree, pineapple juice, with Worcestershire sauce

£14.00 pp plus VAT

Szechuan Chicken

Free- range chicken, mixed peppers, onions, garlic, red chillies, soy sauce, Hoi sin sauce, sesame oil, brown sugar, corn starch, chicken stock Sichuan pepper corns

£14.00 pp plus VAT

Chicken & chorizo jambalaya

Free-range chicken, sliced chorizo picante, tomatoes, tomato puree, onion, garlic, olive oil, sliced red peppers, chicken stock, salt, pepper, long grain rice. Cajun seasoning 

£14.00 pp plus VAT

Chorizo Sausage & white bean casserole

Chorizo sausage, assorted peppers, red onions, white butter beans, tomato puree, chopped tomatoes, paprika, mixed olives, oregano, thyme, garlic, celery, carrots, green chillies 

£14.00 pp plus VAT

Chicken jalfrezi

Free-range chicken, sliced onions, celery, garlic, assorted peppers, cumin, turmeric, Garamasala, plum chopped tomatoes, chillies, fenugreek, fennel seeds, Chicken stock, coconut milk, ground coriander 

£14.00 pp plus VAT

Each main meal comes with one side dish of your choice

Vegetable Rice, Dauphinoise Potatoes, French Beans with shallots,
Red Cabbage, Mushroom bhaji or Bombay aloo. 

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