Greek catering BBQ menu

Our Greek menu was the first of our themed bbq catering events and was the direct result of a client request in 1994. The lady in question always holidayed in Greece and wanted to re-create the atmosphere at her home in Hampton.
Any bbq caterer event can easily be arranged to reflect your theme. In this case, apart from the food, there was plenty of Greek music (and dancing!) taverna style lanterns around the pool. A “beach bar”, which was a garden shed disguised with straw on the roof , a Servery cut out from one side and a barman replete with a huge false moustache handing out the ouzo, retsina and Mythos beers.
Our minimum requirement is just 40 guests and we have yet to discover our maximum – 1200 is the record so far.

Καλό καλοκαίρι τρώει
Kaló kalokaíri tróei

Greek Themed Menu

Lamb Souvlaki
Loukanika (mildly spiced lamb sausages)
Griddled squid, lemon, garlic & olive oil marinade

Vegetarian menu

Stuffed aubergines
Haloumi cheese & roasted vegetable wrap
Buttered corn on the cob

Greek for everyone

Horiatiki (Greek salad mixed with feta cheese and olives)
Mediterranean flatbread with rosemary

Optional Greek meze

Tarama (smoked cods roe beaten with lemon and olive oil)
Zatziki (Greek yoghurt and cucumber with garlic and mint)
Dolmas (stuffed vive leaves)
Pitta breads

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