Canapes menus

Cold canape options for corporate evening receptions, private parties and more. Canapes catering could be delivered or served by Smith’s catering buttlers.

Christmas canapes

canapes catering london

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Canapes catering london are aimed at corporate christmas parties, office christmas parties, private VIP christmas celebrations. As part of our canapes catering repertoire, our christmas canapes are beautiful presented, full of colour and popular to be healthy.

Cocktail canapes

cocktail canapes

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Cocktail canapés have been introduced this year by our chef director Chris Conroy. Canapes caetring are served in fashionable cocktail glasses, English, american or Scottish and last but not least in the eclectic glass of Porto from Portugal. Manapes is the most elegant and sophisticate catering services here at Smith’s Catering.  Manapes could be savoury and desserts, hot or cold according to your menu or the theme of your event. Our staff served the food with love, explained guests what is it and how it was made. You will have an unforgettable evening reception with manapes catering.

cold canapes

canapes catering

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The most popular canapes catering here at Smith’s. Cold canapes are great for all seasons and type of events. With not maximum numbers of guests, Smith’s catering served cold canapes from platters, bowls, spoons and more.

wine list

wine catering London

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Talking about canapes caterers a glass of wine or a bear cannot be missed. Smith’s catering provide all drinks sale or return, Companies pay only by consumption, which is a massive advantage to take your bill under control.


manapes catering

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Introduced this year by our chef director Chris Conroy. Manapes are lovely presented. Also, a more consistent meal than traditional canapes. Manapes are elegant and innovative. Celebrating colour, ethnicities and tasted from all around the world. Manapes catering are served by Smith’s staffing from elegant black trays, they have their own personality so each manapé has its own food design as well as character.